Budget Divas

Learning To Fall Forward And Recover From Your Failures

February 16, 2022 Episode 23
Budget Divas
Learning To Fall Forward And Recover From Your Failures
Show Notes

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What is the fear that is keeping you from achieving your goals or your dreams? Since February is the month of love, I’m reminded of my first date with my husband Alden. Alden and I had been friends for a while (you know the texting each other, commenting on each other’s Facebook, hanging out together in friend groups)… you get the idea.  

In one of our conversations I mentioned that I always wanted to learn how to paddle board, specifically  learn how to stand up paddleboard. I don’t remember if I was just trying to be cool but I was like yeah you know I love to go to the beach, and swimming in the ocean is so much fun.  And then the next thing I know, Alden tells me that he has a stand up paddleboard and we should go on Friday which was only a couple of days away. 

Now here’s the catch – I can’t really swim, in fact, I don’t go past the point of my feet  touching the ground. But I really liked this guy and really wanted to impress him so I said yes and that became our official date. 

What is the fear that is keeping you from achieving your goals or your dreams? Is it the fear of embarrassment, shame, or simply feeling like there’s no way you can accomplish that goal?

Are you also willing to fall forward?

Here are three tips to overcoming these fears. 

1.       Feel afraid but do it anyway

Have you ever heard the term do it scared? If you were to watch any movie, the protagonist is scared but does it anyway because he or she knows that they need to do it. If you’re wanting to start a budget but you’re scared because you don’t know how to do it or your scared of looking at the numbers, just do it anyway – scared, terrified, and afraid. Because when you do, the hardest part will be over with. Now you can form a plan of action to get you to that goal. When I was learning to stand up paddleboard, the hardest part was finding my balance – learning where my feet should go to steady the board so it wouldn’t fall. 

2.       Surround yourself with a guide 

If you are working towards a goal (fitness, finance, career, personal) you need someone in your corner that’s going to be right there with you to pick you up when you fall. Who will tell you it’s okay to fall as long as your falling forward. Moving in the right direction. Still scared but doing it anyway. On our first date, I knew that if I fell, Alden would be right there to pick me up. By telling me it’s okay to fall, I no longer felt embarrassed or scared to fall in the water. So you need someone that knows the ropes, has been through the trenches, and knows exactly what you need to achieve that goal. 

3.         Celebrate your wins

We live in a performance driven world. That whatever we do is never good enough and we always need to do more. I don’t think we celebrate our wins enough. Did exercise one more day than the week before, cut something out of your budget, or learn a new skill? I want to encourage you to write it down and celebrate that win. Because there is no such thing as a small win. A win is a win. And on our date, even though I didn’t sta

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