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How To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities for Good - With Johannes Atlas

March 17, 2022 Jenn Trinidad Episode 26
Budget Divas
How To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities for Good - With Johannes Atlas
Show Notes

Ep: #26  Have you ever wondered how certain people are able to maintain a positive outlook on life even when life hands them challenges?

As March marks the 2nd anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic, thinking about this month 2 years ago can be haunting nightmare. 

This week on the Budget Divas podcast, my guest is Johnanes Atlas. 

Growing up being a voice of reason, Johannes Atlas has always had a heart to serve. Being born with Poland’s syndrome, Johannes rigorously hid his hand in his pocket from being teased in grade school, quickly discovering his insecurities, his abnormality unconsciously became the source of his greatest strength. Regardless, Johannes played numerous sports. 

Beginning his journey in business, Johannes became an Ambassador with the Riverside Chamber of Commerce and learned from successful business owners. Now being a national speaker & founder of the organization Speaking To the You In You and the Pressing Toward the Mark event, has set out to free those dealing with emotional baggage and the chains of life, as he has discovered the formula to be independent of his unconscious baggage and the chains of life. Welcome to Soul Work!

Throughout this episode Johannes shares detailed examples of his faith in God helped him push through and overcome the challenges that he dealt with growing up. 

Johannes also shares tips on God’s purpose for our life, walking with Him even when we are in the deep valleys, and surrounding ourselves with high vibe energy people that bring value to our spiritual, emotional and mental wellness, as well as championing our successes. 

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