Budget Divas

How To Build Your Finances From The Ground Up With Your Spouse - With Noel Remigio

May 17, 2022 Jenn Trinidad Episode 29
Budget Divas
How To Build Your Finances From The Ground Up With Your Spouse - With Noel Remigio
Show Notes

Ep: #29 When's the last time you sat down with your spouse to discuss your personal and/or business finances?

My guest this week is Noel Remigio. Noel is a partner with Hui Upside, a business consulting firm that focuses on working with small businesses and non-tech start-up ventures who provide products and services. 

In this episode, Noel discusses the importance of having recurring meetings with your spouse when it comes to personal and business finance decisions. 

Whether you are the CEO of your business and/or home, it is important to have these conversations about money so that you can handle budgeting and investment decisions as a team. 

Noel and I focus on three major points in this episode: 

1) Strategize and dream together to achieve a major financial goal

2) Include your spouse in every single business decision 

3) Divide and conquer -  share the responsibilities evenly with business and household tasks 

To learn more about Hui Upside, visit https://www.huiupside.com/

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