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How To Start Hosting An Airbnb - With Kate Conwell

September 14, 2022 Jennifer Trinidad Episode 38
Budget Divas
How To Start Hosting An Airbnb - With Kate Conwell
Show Notes

Ep #38 This week's podcast guest is Kate Conwell.  As a family of four, Kate and her husband love their family, love their friends, and love Jesus.  They are both graduates from the University of Washington, where they competed in track and field, and studied business and geography.  They enjoy traveling and utilize Airbnb as hosts and guests to make that happen!

A host can rent out an entire house, room, apartment, or even a shed on the property that's suitable for travelers that are passing through or want a cozy or unique vacation rental.

In this episode, Kate discusses things to consider before hosting such as how much you can earn, understanding the costs of hosting an Airbnb, and setting your own rules and expectations.

If you've ever wondered what it take to become an Airbnb host and how much you can earn, listen in as Kate covers all of those questions!

To learn more about Kate Conwell's listing, visit this link:  https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/40744023

Want to try out hosting? Air BnB has a great referral program for hosts! Check out Kate's referral link below:  www.airbnb.com/r/williamc503

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