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Turo Hosting: The Side Hustle That No One Is Talking About , and Should Know - With Skye Andrade

October 20, 2022 Episode 43
Budget Divas
Turo Hosting: The Side Hustle That No One Is Talking About , and Should Know - With Skye Andrade
Show Notes

Ep #43

How would your life change if you had thousands of dollars extra in your bank account each month? What if it was to the tune of $15,000 per month? 

In this episode, Skye Andrade explains how you can make money with Turo. What it is, how to start, and how much money you can make per month. This episode will inspire you to take action and consider Turo as a side hustle. 

Main takeaways:
1. Creating your listing
2. Making your listing stand out from the rest
3. Outlining the process
4. Starting a fleet
5. How much you can earn with Turo
6. Tips and Tricks 

Skye is a wife, mom, and has two fur babies. She is a 101 Financial consultant, a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines, and is also a licensed realtor in California and Hawaii. Her burning desire is to to leave a legacy of generational wealth so her family can have the means to impact the community, their friends, and family in a positive way. Her key to success is to stay loyal and connected, be down to earth and consistent, and HAVE FUN AND LAUGH OFTEN!  

Learn more at https://turo.com/. 

To learn more about Skye Andrade, check out her link here: http://instructors.101financial.com/skye101

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