Budget Divas

Personal Branding: Success Tips From A Pro - With Patricia Ortega

November 17, 2022 Episode 47
Budget Divas
Personal Branding: Success Tips From A Pro - With Patricia Ortega
Show Notes

Ep #47 Do you want to kickstart your career into high gear in 2023? Do you want to ensure you stand out from the rest of the crowd? If you said yes to any of these questions, here’s the most important question. Do you know how to properly brand yourself? When you get clarity and can articulate your personal brand, you can make sure everything you say matches what you want to be known for.  


In today’s episode, my guest is Patricia Ortega. Patricia is a career coach and is also the host of The Uncommon Career Podcast. Patricia uses her master’s level training and decades of experience to help faith-based professionals find and follow their calling, overcome challenges, and land fulfilling, well paid positions. She was nudged by Christ’s faithfulness to her own calling, and quit a 6-figure position to start this faith-based company, coaching others to walk out their career God story.

To learn more about Patricia Ortega, visit her links below:

Website:  https://www.theuncommoncareer.com/ 

Link Tree (for mobile): https://www.theuncommoncareer.com/LiB 

The Uncommon Career Podcast homepage: https://theuncommoncareerpodcast.podbean.com/ 

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