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Jump Start Your New Year Goals: Conquering Your Fear Of "Just Starting" - With Nichole Mengiles

December 29, 2022 Jenn Trinidad Episode 50
Budget Divas
Jump Start Your New Year Goals: Conquering Your Fear Of "Just Starting" - With Nichole Mengiles
Show Notes

Ep #50 Are you ready to finally start that business you've been thinking about?

In this episode, my guest is Nichole Mengiles of The Stim Clinic. This episode is filled with great tips to stop overthinking when starting a business, start taking action on that side hustle turned into full time business, and overcoming mindset obstacles that will stop you from pushing through. 

When you change your mindset, you can change your life. Your mindset is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.

When you are serious about success in your professional and personal life, mastering your mindset is a must. By changing your thinking, you can change your actions because more action means more chances of success.

As you change your mindset, you change your behavior. When you say that you can't, you won’t succeed. Imagine what you can achieve, and the results will follow.

Takeaways from the show: 

  • Defining your purpose in life
  • Creating success because it doesn't just happen
  • Choosing to be positive every day and have a good attitude
  • Focusing on others and not your own thoughts
  • Building grit in your life
  • Building a business from nothing to a million dollars

The Stim Clinic has helped over 3,500 families.  They work with massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nonprofits, and military personnel.

There's help if you are suffering from back pain, sore muscles, stiff neck, or stress. The portable, compact, and rechargeable devices interrupt pain signals to the brain, stimulating & relaxing the muscles through safe electrical charges to the pain area.

To learn more, visit their website: https://www.thestimclinic.com/ 

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