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Diving Deep Into Your God-Given Talents To Find Your Calling As a Coach - With Francine Ivey

February 01, 2023 Jenn Trinidad Episode 54
Budget Divas
Diving Deep Into Your God-Given Talents To Find Your Calling As a Coach - With Francine Ivey
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Ep #54: How do you know God's calling for your life?

Have you ever struggled with this question? Is God calling you to step out of your comfort zone and into ministry? 

In this episode of the Budget Divas podcast, my guest is Francine Ivey. 

 Francine Ivey is an Executive Coach and Founder of Consumed Coaching, LLC. She helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers grow in their personal and professional lives through her faith-based coaching program. Francine is certified as a Master Level Life Coach with International Christian Coach Institute, Sales and Leadership Coach, and Coach, Speaker, and Trainer for the John Maxwell Team. 

She is a powerful speaker who challenges her audiences to believe bigger and to walk in confidence. She has coached individuals in many industries and Fortune 500 companies, as well as boutique companies and non-profit organizations. Her clients appreciate her ability to cut through the noise and help them focus on what is most important to them. 

Top 5 takeaways from this episode:

  • How to let the Holy Spirit lead you into finding your spiritual gifts
  • When God turns the unimaginable into a beautiful love story
  • What it means to be a Kingdom Coach
  • Overcoming self-sabotage, negative thinking, limited beliefs
  • Questions to ask yourself before becoming a coach

To learn more about Francine, visit her podcast and website here:

Consumed Coaching Website: https://www.consumedcoaching.com/
Book a FREE call with Francine: https://www.consumedcoaching.com/site/contact 
Calling Over Comfort Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/calling-over-comfort-with-francine-ivey/id1589661975

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Jenn: Hi, Francine. Thanks so much for being on the show today. Tell us more about you and what you're all about. 

Francine: I am so excited about being here, Jen, and I've been looking forward to this in an amazing way. So what am I all about? Goodness. That like opens up a can of worms. Let's see. I live in Dallas, Texas.

I have three awesome kids. And March of 2021, God had me step out of corporate coaching and start my own coaching business, which I absolutely love. And I get to serve Christian men and women and help them develop their passion and skillset into an awesome coaching. 

Jenn: Tell us more about your story because you have an amazing backstory. Tell us what happened with your family and how you started consume coaching. 

Francine: I do. So I have, my husband and I were married for 27 years and we're in full-time ministry. I tell people all the time that I had honeymoon marriage. Seriously. Like I got to wake up to my best friend every day which was such a God thing. Such a God thing. And we actually worked together. We ministered together. We were with each other probably 24 7. And in 2017 we had we were in the middle of working a business. I'd been in for 12 years. Extremely successful. I had moved up in the ranks there. We had started a church. It was our baby.

It was amazing. Things were growing there. We had an incredible Sunday morning. As a matter of fact, my youngest son, he was 11 at the time. He gave his life to Christ that morning. I mean, it was just one of those amazing days. My daughter had led worship. God had given me a prophetic word.

We were sitting having lunch that afternoon and my husband looks at me and he goes, oh my goodness, this is the day of the Iveys. And I was like, what do you mean? And he was like, I could not be happier with where we are. Right. And I remember thinking to myself wow. I, I mean it made me happy in the moment, but little did I know a few hours later I would need those words so deeply.

So I stepped into a meeting with our sales team that we were working with at the time. My husband said, I'm gonna run to the store real quick and get all of our stuff together for coffee, cuz we would always have a coffee date on Sunday evenings to kind of discuss the week. And so I came out of my meeting probably about an hour and a half later, and he wasn't home and I thought, hmm. So I went and asked the kids, you know, where's dad? And they said he hasn't come home from the story yet. Well, already something. The Lord was telling me something's up. So I jumped in the car, grabbed my keys and told the kids, Hey, I'm gonna just go check on Dad. And I rounded the corner and I saw the firetrucks and the police, I couldn't see beyond the firetruck cause they were kind of blocking the firetruck.

And a police officer came up and, and asked me, you know, because I was standing outside the car and I said my husband's not answering the phone. And you know, I don't know. And he asked me a little bit about the car. I already knew. I got inside the car. I was already calling friends. I was like, I don't know what's going on.

I just need you. So what, what I found out just a few minutes later was that he was leaving the store and a semi was going too fast through an intersection and one minute he was here, and the next minute he was in heaven which is exactly what he told me what happened. He said, you know, heaven will be like one of those places where one minute we're here and this is our reality, and all of a sudden everything that we know is true becomes a reality.

I'll be walking on streets of gold. And honestly, my whole life was falling apart. Everything that I believed, everything that that I was doing in my life. Like I told you, 24/7, we were together just kind of crumbled to the floor. And honestly, the rest was the, the rest of the evening was pretty much a blur, sitting down, having to tell my kids.

And I remember finding myself in the master bedroom. The house was full of. By that time, and I just said, I, I, I need some quiet time. So they left me alone and I remember closing the door and I just crumbled to the floor in that carpet and I said, I don't understand. And I was honestly, I was really honest with God.

I believe he can take it. He has really big shoulders and we can be honest with him. And so I told him, I'm not happy. This is not the way I wrote my story. This is not the way I wanted things to happen. I planned on growing old with this man. And but I told him in that moment, I said, but if you'll use all this pain and all these tears that are dropping into this carpet for your glory help this make sense to.

Then God, I give it all to you. And he did that. He absolutely did that. And in four days after the funeral, the funeral was incredible. God did some awesome things. Over a hundred hands went up for salvation. When I shared hi, you know, shared our testimony at the end, but four days after the funeral, God said, I need you to get on a Facebook Live, which honest to goodness, I didn't have any margin for in the flesh.

Right. And so, but God stayed with me. It was 5:30 in the morning. He woke me up. That was a miracle all in itself. I'm not an early girl, that's just not what I do. But he woke me up and he said, you know, I need you to get on that daily. Devo your husband was doing. He was going live e early in the morning every morning with people.

And I was like, I don't have the doctorates.  I wasn't the pastor. I don't have all this know.  and God said, I'll be with you. You get on there. And so I argued with him for a while, but eventually I hopped on. And I just began to share, this is where I'm at. This is where we're hurting.

This is where God's meeting me and this is how he's healing us. And so I figured maybe 50 of my friends would show up and wonder why Francine was up so early in the morning and then I would be done. But by midnight that night, 34,000 people had watched the. Wow. Yeah. And I had no idea that it was that yes, that would launch everything else that's happened over the last six years. It's crazy. 

Jenn: Wow. Yeah. I can only imagine what you went through make, I've never been through it. Mm-hmm. , but, and for God to tell you four days later, you are going to do.  It's like I don't have any more breath to give. I have nothing to give right now. I just want to go in the corner, you know, and cry my eyes out like I did that first night. What was the response that you got from those 34,000 people showing up to your live or watching that replay. 

Francine: Well, it was the wildest thing was you know, definitely your messenger blows up. People are like, you know, resonating with it. They, they would you know, share things in their life that they had shared with no one else.

And it wasn't just people who were grieving, it's people who were hurting. That what they resonated with was the pain that I was. Right. They were resonating with, I, I think their main thing was trying to answer why do bad things happen to good people? My husband and I had served the Lord. We had prayed, we'd done all the stuff.

We, not only did we go to church, but we started a church, right? Like it made no sense to the world why we were going through what we were going through. And I think.  it was. And, and over the next three and a half years, God called me to go alive every morning, Monday through Friday through my grieving process to walk them through where is God when life doesn't make sense, when not only does it not make sense, it's not fair. Right? And I think that's what they were resonating with was, oh my goodness, this is someone that's gonna walk us through what we don't understand. Right. 

Jenn: Yeah. And I do have questions that I wanna ask you more about the coaching side, but I wanted to dive more into this. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about this, and I was like, sometimes when tragedy hits, you're always waiting for that other shoot to drop.

And so it's like, how did you navigate? Like you had this amazing life with your husband and your kids this honeymoon marriage, your best friend, waking up to him every single day, and then tragedy hits. So what keeps you from believing in your faith? And keep going to praise the Lord and and serve him. And not keep thinking. I wonder when another tragedy's gonna happen. When is that other shoe gonna drop? 

Francine: Honestly, a fight, literal fight. And in, in the earlier stages, much more of a fight than now, you know? . We, we were frightened every time someone left the house, you know, because now we knew what grief felt like, right?

I, as a pastor's wife, I'd sat across the table from many people grieving, but I never experienced it, and I didn't realize that it physically was painful, not just emotionally painful. And so when you know the pain, it, it becomes that much real that I might have to face that pain. Right. And so in the beginning it literally was a fight I had to physically tell myself, I cannot live in fear.

Fear doesn't come from God. I can't live in fear. My kids have to drive, right? All those things. They have to go to college. You know there are things that I had to entrust with the Lord. And a lot of that did have to do with the fact that you. That I had set some things in place prior to this tragedy happening in our life.

There are some things that I, that I had learned and, and know the word of God in such a way. Now, am I saying you have to have it before? No. You can dig in. God will be so present in the moment, right? And, and so often I could I, not to sound woowoo, but I could feel his presence in the middle of my pain.

The Bible says that you know, he is tender to the broken. He's close to the brokenhearted. There's no doubt. There's no doubt that he's right there. As a matter of fact, as I've healed, I almost miss that closeness now. I don't wanna go back there, but but there's, there is something very unique about when you're in that, when you're in a very painful spot.

Jenn: Yeah. And you also mentioned you know, in, in one of our previous conversations, Consumed Coaching. 

Francine: That brand came from a sermon that your husband had did that morning. Yes. So his message that morning you know, when we went, when we were able to go back and re-listen to it, the whole thing was called consumed by the call.

And so that's why our coaching is called Consumed Coaching, and it's based out of the scripture in Philippians that says, I will not be ashamed of the gospel. He actually shared the story about Jim Elliot who was a missionary that was killed on one of his first missionary. I mean, he, he landed and they were, they were killed by a tribe of Indians and natives I think.

And he wrote in his journal, Jim Elliot did, wrote in his journal he is no fool if he will give the thing he cannot keep to gain what he can never lose. And so my husband preached on that that morning and actually called out everybody he had ever laid hands on into ministry and called them back into what God's called them to do. And so the whole message was consumed by a call. And that's ultimately, I think, Well, it's ultimately why I think God called me into coaching and empowering other coaches because that's exactly what I wanna do, is help people find the call of God on their life and do it like, have the courage, have the the audacity of faith to believe that God can do exactly what he's called them to do, and that he will, he will equip them every step of.

Jenn: That is so good, and I love your intro on your podcast, telling people to step out of their comfort zone and not just do the cookie cutter, cookie cutter coaching. Mm-hmm. , but really like, speak truth into someone's life. And it's not all about the money, the important, it's what makes our business run. That individual that is just so lost mm-hmm.  and maybe has dealt with pain that they never thought they would endure, and having it turn into a beautiful thing by helping others. 

Francine: Yes, yes. And there is such power. I mean, it almost like kicks Satan in the face when you take the weapon that he meant to take you out and you turn it back on him like us, you know, using the very thing that you think might take you out and let it fuel.

Jenn: The very passion that you have to help people through is amazing.  Yes. I love that. Taking something that he meant to break us down and turning it into something beautiful to help others and to give all the glory to him. So tell us more about kingdom coaching. Like what does it mean to be a Kingdom coach?

Yeah, so I was actually just on a, on a call with a client and we had gotten to that part of the certification where we talk about, you know, what are our values and what is it all about? So, as a kingdom coach, my heart is twofold. Number one, I, I wanna certify, I wanna train these coaches. To get real results like no grade B.

Right. We're not grade B coaches just cause Jesus is the foundation. Right. We should actually be the best coaches in the world because of the, you know, I call it my superpower. I have the Holy Spirit leading, guiding me in a coaching call. So I what, what a kingdom coach is, they get real results for our clients without compromising their walk with Christ.

Mm-hmm. , because we do it through biblical princip. That are actually eternal. Right? Eternal change comes from those things. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And it's so needed in this world right now. Mm-hmm. , there are so many people that I talk to that want to be a coach and they wanna share their faith and they don't know, should I do one or the other?

Should I do both? Mm-hmm. , how do I incorporate Jesus into my coaching into. My clients who may not be faith-based clients. But I still think it's still super important to do that because you never know who is listening. Mm-hmm. . And so do you have that initial conversation with your clients to say, you know, this is a faith-based company, this is what I do, and you know, if you're not comfortable with that, we may not be a good fit for each other.

Right. You know, it's interesting. So I've been in both situations where I worked for a corporation where we worked with Fortune 500 leaders, and the company itself, although had a basis in I think when they first started, they were, they, they would sell bibles. Okay. So they had a basis in that, but that's not where they were.

It wasn't a, it wasn't a I a faith-based program, right? We, we taught sales and we taught leadership. We went in and taught workshops and then did executive coaching for the executives. So, how did I incorporate, incorporate it then? On my first call, I would say, okay, I wanna start off, I wanna know your story and tell me a little bit about you, your family, your dreams, your values, all of those kind of things.

So they would share a little bit about, you know, who they were what their life was like. And of course I would also gain their top three values during that portion, and also get an idea of where their goals are because, Would come out in that conversation, I'd say, okay, so now I'm gonna share a little bit about me.

And so I would share, I'm a mom. I live in Dallas, Fort Worth. And in the middle of that, I would say, and my faith. Is extremely important to me. As a matter of fact, it's a base of everything I do. I would always give a little pause there to see if they resonated very quickly. Most Christians or faith-based people would immediately go, oh wow, I love that.

And I would know immediately this would be a much more open conversation. . If for some reason there was, I paused and nothing was said, I would go on and and continue talking knowing that it's not that they're against it, but they don't necessarily resonate with it and they may not be believers. But what amazed me is in all the years in the six years that I've been coaching, I've never had someone say, oh, then I don't wanna work with you.

And I'm talking e every lifestyle out there, every religion out. You know, not every religion, but several religions out there, different religions. I've had those clients, right? I've had those clients and in some cases they , they gave their life to Christ during that coaching time. I mean, not that, maybe not that session, but during that year they were drawn closer to him.

The thing that they li, I think, that they liked the most was they felt. There was integrity in the fact that I saw that I said it. They respected the fact that I stood by that and it was okay. So even in that situation, that's how I would share it. Now it's all a part of my marketing. It's all they, they pretty much know coming in.

But different people are at different stages of their walk with Christ. So but no one ever, ever feels judged and they. And that's a big portion. If you are going to say that you're a faith-based program, be very careful. Judgment's not a part of it. So that is such great advice. I know I struggle that with that in my business as well, especially when it comes to biblical perspectives like tithing.

Mm-hmm. . And some people may say no, that's only for the Old Testament. Other people say no. Jesus talked about. Throughout the entire Bible. Mm-hmm. . But I love what you talk about is just speaking your truth and standing in it and not waffling. Mm-hmm. , I, I feel like there's other people out there that they'll talk about one thing, but then they'll change it.

They'll change it up, you know, the next time they talk about it. And it's like, well, which side are you really on? Because you have to pick a side. Mm-hmm. , you can't just be in the middle or is she. It's wallowed whole yeah. By social media. Oh, absolutely. And the thing is, is how can someone follow you if you don't stay steady on your path?

right? As a, as a coach, whether it's financial or life or business there, there is a there is a partnership that's going on and, you know, I think the Bible talks about us having a yoke right to, to oxens and a yoke. Well, if this oxen is all over the place and you're yoked partnered with them, you're all over the place with them.

And so I think it's really important you not. , especially if you express yourself as a faith-based person, not be waffling all over the place. Don't, don't don't look at the new women coaching and follow it. Right? Really look at it, line it up. It's why a lot. One of the, I think it's the third certification day.

We really talk about what's your value set? What's your non-negotiables? Let's go ahead and put that down cuz it helps you stay, it, it helps you make the decision. Will I go that way or go this way? Okay. Does it line up with. I feel is my value set and what God's told me as I go forward. That's so important, knowing your non-negotiables.

Jenn: So I did poll the audience and so I have some questions for you regarding being a coach. How do you help people identify their God gifts and their purpose? A lot of it has to do with exactly what a coach is called to do, right? I'm asking questions, I know key questions to be able to pull out what God may be saying and even being able to hear.

Right. I was talking to a client this last week and I said, the biggest skill on the one that will pour you, that will literally pour you out every day is being so present in in your listening skills. . I think that's why people feel unseen and unheard. I don't even think it's something that most people do is really lean in and listen.

And so as a coach, we, we've learned to ask the right questions so that as they answer and we're present in that not only do we sense it, but as that, as that client begins to state, They're, they, they say, see it too. The Bible calls it revelation. Right. In coaching we, we may call it an aha moment, right?

Where all of a sudden they have that aha moment. But actually what we're doing is Phyllis facilitating really the Holy Spirit talking to them, and it almost comes out of them, well, most of the time it does. Mm-hmm. . So they're going through a discovery call with you mm-hmm. , and they're making. That determination, like, oh, I think this is what God has called me to do.

Yes. Yes. Yeah. Wow. It's, it's amazing. It's one of the most it's such an exciting time when I watch it, just like you can watch her eyes light up, so. Mm-hmm. , I love that. The best advice that I got from another coach was, don't should on people, and don't let people should on you, because we're all saying, We all hear, you should do this, you should do that, maybe this.

But then when you are talking to them, they're talking it through with you, and then they're realizing this is actually something that I wanna do and something that I could see myself doing long-term and helping people. That's an amazing skill. Yes, it's awesome. And, and I don't know how many times that I would have come into a call and had an opinion, right?

But because I've learned that's not what I come to this call for. That's not what they've hired me for. That's not what a coach does. But it doesn't mean I'm not human, don't, don't have an opinion, right? I have this opinion in the back of my head, but I'm using my skill and all of a sudden I realize I was totally.

Like totally wrong, . Mm. I think because the aha moment comes and I'm like, oh my word. I never would've thought of that on my own. You know, the coaching skill along with the Holy Spirit and God leading and guiding them and all the gifts and talents, I, there's no way for me and a couple of conversations to know all that God's put inside them.

Right. But through conversation, they will pull it out, right. And the Holy Spirit will pull it out and it's so.  and that's so empowering to someone as well. Mm-hmm.  to know that I'm the one who made up my mind that I wanna do this and it's the Holy Spirit that's leading me to move forward, not. Jennifer Trinidad telling me this, not Francine and Ivy telling me this.

It's like I made this determination on how I want to live my life and move forward. Yes. I just love that so much. Mm-hmm. , what advice would you give to the person who feels that they're not expert enough? And I hear this all the time of Jen, I want to move forward with you. Paying off my debt or starting a new business or doing this, but I'm always self-sabotaging myself or I have these negative thoughts, or I don't even feel worthy of being a coach.

Like who am I to teach this to someone out there? Yes. Well, I mean, that is a good segue from what we just talked about, right? It is not my expertise that makes me a great coach. It's not all my experience that really even makes me a great coach. What makes me a great coach is that I know how to ask questions.

The expertise is actually inside of them, the Holy Spirit's leading them in their answers. The only skill that I really have to learn is to fully listen and to ask the right questions. And because I, I, when I first started the corporate coaching part I had 10 clients in the first three months, none of which I'd ever been inside.

Careers. I'd never been a financial advisor. I had never been a mortgage officer. I'd never been a real estate. 10 different industries. I had never done no expertise in them. So it was pure coaching and in every case, some of them 10 x their salary, some of them doubled their salary, some of them found more time in the day than they knew what to do with, and all I did was show.

Listen and ask the right questions. That's actually the power of coaching is that you don't have to have all the expertise you it. It's so neat. Yes, I listened to Holy Spirit to help me answer those questions, but I don't have to know anything about your business. And still I can help you find the breakthrough that you're looking for.

Break it down, hold you accountable, help you create good habit. That is so powerful. And whenever I feel like, oh my gosh, why did I say that? Or you know, we just have to go back to the book of James, right? And he'll tell him like, hold your tongue . So you need to bridle the tongue. Right? And I think that's the mistake that I made when I first became a coach, is I was shutting on people like, you should do this, you should do that.

And then when I realized just by reading the book of James. Why don't you just listen , just listen and, and let people make their own decisions, because even if they make a decision that you feel is not right, they're gonna come back to you and be like, oh, , I made a mistake. But they'll own up to their mistake and then they'll keep asking questions so that they can make their own decisions moving forward.

And that's how we learn, right? Like we don't want somebody to be telling us, this is how your entire life is gonna be from the day you're born to the time that you go to heaven. Mm-hmm. . But we want the freedom to make our own decisions, and that's why God also gives us free will. Wow. If God can do it. And he's all knowing and perfect.

Surely we can let people make their own decisions. Amen. And it's so funny, it's so funny. I think every coach deals with this. My first year of coaching, I had a sticky note on my monitor that said, shut up, . I love that  because as a, as a minister, I was used to telling people what to do. Right. ? Yeah. I, I just wanna tell a quick story of our realtor.

He kind of already knew that we wouldn't like the location that we had picked and we were already in escrow with this house. And you know, we loved the place. It was perfect. But then when it came to, when it really came down to, are we going to move here, it would've taken my husband two hours from where he worked to coming home every single day.

And that traffic. Would've just been horrible. Mm-hmm. . And so I think he knew that in the back of his mind. But what I appreciated is he didn't say, I don't think you guys should buy this place. You know, you're not gonna love the traffic, et cetera. He just went through the process and let us make our own decisions.

Wow. To come to the conclusion like, yes, I don't think this is the right fit. Let's keep looking. I love that. I love that. And doesn't that feel more solid, like now you're ready to move forward? Yes. Whereas you would've always had in the back of your head, what if he influenced me? What if I should have had that house?

Right. Instead, it was your decision. Mm-hmm. , yes. . I love that. Mm-hmm. . So what would you say to the person who has a limiting belief that God wants us to be more successful with money? And I get this question all the time of, I'm a Christian, I should be, you know, living on just a simple life, maybe under the grid or you know, on a farm somewhere, just enjoying the beauty around me.

I don't need to have a lot of money. Mm-hmm.  so. And there's twofold here. One, you've got the side. . You know, I wanna just go read every story in the Bible, like God loves to bless his children. Some of the people that God used were so blessed, they were the richest people in the nation at the time. Right?

And it wasn't given through manipulative things, God gave it to them. Right? So you have that side. So I almost wanna say, just read the word then you look at Proverbs 31 woman, right? And I used to get so beat up by this because preachers would preach this a certain way. Like she was, she was just, she stayed up and she took care of her family and all of that.

They didn't read the part that she owned, land that she traded. She was a working woman. She pursued things. Her children you know, spoke about her, her husband spoke about her like she was a successful working woman, but she was also successful at home. I think sometimes we think we have to trade it, but we don't.

God gives us margin for all the things that he's called us to do. Do I think, Hmm. Do I think. There's real balance. Balance overall. Yes. Balance every moment of the day. No. Right. There are, I tell my kids, here's my working hours. I'm gonna be so present in my working hours, but I promise you when mom's done with working, I'm gonna be so present with you.

So in that moment, is it off balance? Yeah. Overall it's balanced. It's amazing. So I, I believe that there's just so much in the word of God now, is there a season, because I think Paul says it. He says, I've learned to be a bass and I've learned to abound. Being a bassist means I've learned that there are times when I may go through a season of.

I may go through a season sometimes, like Jen, you help people. Do you recognize No, that lack was not God's lack. That was my lack because I made some bad decisions, right? Mm-hmm. . But sometimes we do go through seasons where God says, I'm gonna prune you for a moment. I'm gonna take you to make you. But every time God prs us, it's to make us fruitful more, to have more.

Now what we do with our money, God, God wants to be a part. How, how do we spend it? What do we do with it? God will bless those that will be a conduit to take care of his kingdom. Right? Seek first the kingdom of God and I, all these other things will be added unto you. So God is a good father who loves to absolutely bless his children.

It's not money that's evil, right? It's the love of money when it becomes when we don't know how to, a. I remember when I first got a very large home, one that pretty much made a statement when God really started blessing our first business. And there was a part of me that wanted to kind of hide the fact that God was blessing us.

Like, you know, I, I, I didn't post pictures, I didn't talk about it right. And the first night that we were in the house, I remember again, on my carpet, I spent a lot of time nose in the carpet, but I, you know, I was in the carpet and I just told the Lord, I don't. I'm thankful for this home. I'm thankful for the blessings that you're giving us, the monetary blessings, the success that you're giving us.

I'm so thankful for it, but it scares me even worse than being. Than being, having lack. Mm. Because I don't want this to have me. So I'm making a statement to you. God, this is yours. You gave it. You can take it away tomorrow. Right. I'm not gonna hold this as proof that I'm worthy. I'm not gonna hold this as proof of your good.

This is a. It can come and it can go whatever you want. It's yours. I even got so far as to say, I'll clean your bathrooms. This is your house. You use it for your glory. You know, all of those things. But I think it's a skill, right? I have to learn how to lack and lean on God when I need him, and I have to know how to be abundant because that comes God loves, loves.

To overflow. I mean, the Bible talks about it all the time. He fills my cup to overflow. I love how you don't Yeah. Talk about the hills and the valleys. Mm-hmm.  and I was just saying this to a friend yesterday. I was like, in my entire. You know, 20 plus years . Mm-hmm. . It's always in the even years that it's really abundant and it's always in the odd years that God is like pruning me.

I don't know why, but so last year my husband and I had a, a goal to make, you know, X amount, and then we were just short of a couple thousand dollars to making. Goal amount and, but when I looked at it, I was like, where did all that money go? And I know where it went, you know, like it went to investing back into my business to hiring coaches to help me.

And I just heard the Lord say this year, like, why are you investing so much in learning? You need to take action. So my read of this year is execution. I have all the knowledge in my head. I need to go out and share it with people because somebody out there needs to know what we have in our brains. . I love that.

Yes. And you know, I'm all about action. I love that word, , execution. What a powerful, powerful word. Yes, absolutely. That's gonna be an exciting year. You know, talking about the, the, the pruning time, right? What do you do at that time when you feel pruned? I remember, and even in, even in pruning, it's all about abundance.

It's all about God, you know, bringing you abundance, multiplying what he has. Everything that we have, every gift, every every bit of knowledge. What what exciting to me is every bit of knowledge that you've learned has now become seed. Mm-hmm. , you're about to sew that and the harvest that comes from that.

So the whole purpose of pruning, so I have this story about an apple tree that was in my backyard and God we didn't know that we were supposed to Pune an apple tree. I don't know why, but we didn't. So we never pruned it cuz it was so pretty. Right. And because I kept wanting to keep it pretty, but when you prune something, it's not pretty.

Right. It's actually quite painful. . Mm-hmm.  quite painful personally. So we never pruned it Well by the third year of it producing apples and it produced amazing, beautiful, very sweet, crisp apples. By the third year, the apples all grew on one side because it wasn't, and literally fell over because of the weight of its abundance and uprooted the entire apple tree.

And we lost the apple tree. Hmm. So when you go through pruning, if that's the season, you know, talking to your listeners if that's the season you're in, just know even in that God is bringing abundance. So be of good cheer. It's coming. Right. If you are in abundance, don't hide it. It doesn't glorify you. It glorifies the father that gave it all to you.

Right. So, God has blessed my family and it's not outta my own equi, equip, or equipment or because I'm such this or such that. It's because God's equiped me. I'm a good coach because God equipped me. I, you know, I produce great coaches because God equipped them and me, right? It's all his glory anyway. Wow.

Hmm. I wanna say like, I just love your heart so much. Like you have this beautiful heart to like, you just wanna help people. And it's not like, okay, if you give me this much amount of money, then I'll tell you the knowledge. Of course that's gonna come with your private coaching programs. But if somebody asks you like, Hey, Francine.

What should I do? You're so open. Mm-hmm.  to telling them what they need to do next. Mm-hmm. . So I wanna wrap it up by asking, you know, like if there's someone out there in our audience, and I have a, a few people in mind that I know are looking forward to this podcast because I told them about it. What are three questions our audience should be asking themselves if they're thinking of becoming a coach?

I think number one do. It's funny, I think a lot of people ask them, ask first this wrong question, do I know enough to give someone else? I would say, don't even ask that question because it's not about what you know. So let me start there. Don't ask yourself that question cuz number one, God's gonna give it to you.

Number two the questions you should ask yourself, do I love helping? Do I love people? I remember one time I sat down with someone and they said, I don't like people. I was like, we can stop the conversation now. . Now I'm not talking about the people don't irritate you. I understand that. I have those moments too.

But we we're going to be serving people, right? So, do you love people? Do you l do you love to watch people? Become better. Right. Do you like those aha moments? Do you, do you like to see their success? Do you, would you celebrate someone else if you, if you do, you're gonna love being a coach. It's the best.

It's the best job ever. I, I left my office yesterday and I told my daughter, I said, I love what I do. I love what I do. And you know why? Because I watched person, after person, after person get these aha moments, these life-changing moments. And I'm thinking I get to be on the front row of God doing something amazing in someone's life.

And if, wow, that makes you happy, you just might be a.

That's awesome. And I think one of the things that I've heard you say too is that you want everybody to have success. You celebrate everyone's success. You don't see them as the competition. Like they're doing the same thing as me. They're gonna take away business from me. No, you just want everybody to know that they have their unique D n A, they have a unique story and they can just be, they can be just as success.

I had someone get on one of my, one of my social media accounts, and they said they gave me the review. She's just not my cup of tea, but it's the truth, right? Like at first on a personal level, I was like, well, why'd you have to even write that? Just move on. Right, right. But the truth is, I'm not everybody's cup of tea, right?

I have a certain voice, I have a certain D n a, but there is a large group of people who I am exactly who they want. I can walk in a networking group with 15 coaches in the room.  and be totally confident that ev there's enough people for all of us, and I can celebrate their successes. I tell people when I see someone succeeding in my industry, that's great.

I'm gonna, I'm gonna step up and get in line so I can be right behind them. I'm, I'm good with that. Right? I don't compare, and I don't, I, I don't get in that comparison game because we can't compare. We're all made very uniquely. And number two, I don't think that God is limited on his blessing. Right. He has enough for all of us and more.

That's truth. Mm-hmm. , and you're right. Comparison is the thief of joy. Yes. Yes. And there's no way, I mean, we're so, our thumbprints, our very fingerprints are so different, and it's the truth. And even in the way we coach, the way we serve our fingerprint is different. And if, we'll just, I, I think sometimes what happens is we try to mimic everybody in the industry and we think, I'm gonna do it their way.

I'm gonna do it their way. I'm gonna do it. No. Take. Yes, we wanna learn, right? And we wanna glean from everything. But ultimately you have to put your fingerprint on it. Cuz that's what makes in the, in the corporate world, they call it the market dominating position. What's your market dominating position?

What makes you different? Cuz that's the power of what you do. Yes. And lean into it. Lean into, mm-hmm. , who God made you. Absolutely. This is so good. . So I know our audience is thinking, how can I get in contact with Francine? What is the next step they should take if they wanna contact you directly? Yeah, so my website is consumed coaching.com.

You can hop on there and just. Look around my bio's on there, everything like that. If you just want some more information, obviously you can follow me on my podcast calling over comfort or go to one of my social medias on Facebook or on Instagram, Francine Ivy with an EY on Ivy. But ultimately I wanna know you like.

In, in until God fills up my calendar where I can't do it. I really just wanna know. You wanna hear your story. I, I tell people, jump on my calendar. Meet meet with francine.com and spend 45 minutes with me. Let me get to know you. If it's a fit, great, we'll move forward. If it's not, I will have made a new friend and I will have gotten to hear another God's story about what God's doing in your life.

And so that's pretty much the way I roll. I wanna see what God's doing and I can celebrate that. That is so cool. And I know you have a coffee corner in your house, so I do. People who meet with you on Zoom, they can just have a virtual coffee chat with you? Yes. I am a fanatic when it comes to coffee.

So . Yeah. Yes. I think I've seen in one of your pictures that you have a Breville. I do. And we have one too, and I don't use it. My son uses it when he comes home. I don't know how to make coffee. It comes out crazy. So I use a Keurig in the meantime. ? Yes, yes. I was on Keurig for a long time. Like, yeah, I carried a Keurig with me when I would go to other places and travel.

So yeah, I understand there's power and Keurig too, but the espresso and grinding, I, it's probably more. The feel of, you know, feeling fancy I call it. So, yeah. And I wanna leave our audience this one tip, go to her podcast, calling over comfort and look for the podcast where she talks about the raccoons.

And the watermelons. Yes, I listened to that probably five or six times. It just, it makes me laugh every single time, but it just shows your personality, your heart, and. I just love you so much. So thank you so much for being on the show. Yes, thank you for inviting me. It's an honor. Big time. So I'll have all your social media links and your website in the show notes.

Be sure to go onto her website, check her out, and if you want that discovery call with her, even just a coffee chat, just to get to know her better schedule that at tell us your website: https://www.consumedcoaching.com/.