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How To Make Money As A Mobile and Remote Notary - With Janae Blatch

March 09, 2023 Episode 58
Budget Divas
How To Make Money As A Mobile and Remote Notary - With Janae Blatch
Show Notes

Ep #58 When presented with legal papers or documents, you often need a notary. But have you ever thought about what precisely a notary is and what it is that they do?

Mobile notaries are in high demand and can earn a good income by offering their services. It can start off as a lucrative side hustle to earn extra income on the side to becoming a full-time job! 

In this podcast, we're having a discussion with Janae Blatch of Florida Academy of Notaries. Janae is a fun, faith-filled educator who loves teaching and being a Notary Public. She enjoys helping others learn and grow. Her background in mental health counseling and education has perfectly prepared her for this task.

Passionate about helping others enjoy financial freedom, Janae is here to equip Notaries to deliver exceptional service, every time!

While running a successful Notary business, alongside her husband of more than 10 years, David Blatch, Janae places priority on raising their three children which was the catalyst for her starting in this industry. 

Main takeaways from this podcast:

1. How to get started as a mobile notary
2. How to grow your book of business with real estate agents, title officers, and mortgage professionals
3. How this can start as a side hustle and becoming a full-time career

To connect with Janae, check out her links below:


Email: support@flacademyofnotaries.com

Instagram: janae _blatch

Website: www.flacademyofnotaries.com

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