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Why You Should Do A New Year's Resolution Reset

September 17, 2021 Jenn Trinidad Episode 17
Budget Divas
Why You Should Do A New Year's Resolution Reset
Show Notes

Ep: #017 Can you believe we are already in September? I know I say this every single year but this year is flying by especially fast. 

And this year was supposed to be the recovery year from 2020 but we are definitely not out of the woods yet.

How are you doing with the goals you’ve set for yourself this year? 

If you have accomplished almost everything on your list, I applaud you because you’ve pushed through all the obstacles and overcame the mindset issues that many people are dealing with this year. 

I am not immune to that. 

This year was a hard year on many many levels. 

But the good part is that the year is not over yet. 

So if you have goals that you want to achieve until December, you still have time to do them. 

So today, I want to talk about a September reset and we’re going to talk about three ways to finish the year strong. 

Some people call it the “second new year” because there is something about September that gets us into the habit of wanting to finish the year strong until we hit the following year. 

Every year in December, I map out my goals for the following year in different areas: spiritual, physical, personal, financial, and career goals. 

Last December, I had decided to join an intensive mastermind coaching group to help me with my business. Even though it costs me thousands of dollars to join, I knew that the investment would pay off because I would have 1:1 coaching time with a mentor for the next six months.  

So I remember because there was a monetary investment attached to the goals, I was really motivated to get the most out of my investment. So every single week when we would meet, I would make sure I had something to present to show that I was doing the work. 

There is something about attaching money with a goal that just motivates me to keep going because I don’t want to feel like I’m throwing money down the drain. 

And then summer came and it was like all of that motivation just disappeared. 

I love summer but I’m not really focused because all I want to do is be outside and go to the beach and eat ice cream. 

That is exactly what happened. While it was nice to take a break, I could have achieved more of my goals if I just stuck to a weekly schedule. 

You know it’s like the tortoise and the hare. You just have to keep moving even if it’s slow and steady. 

So… now that it is mid-September as of this recording, I am soooo ready for a September reset. 

I think the months of September to December are my absolute favorite because of the holidays. I love September and October, right before the holidays because it’s like my brain has reset and gets back to good habits. 

I call it my catch-up resolution time because even though I try to be consistent with my goals throughout the year, there is something about the lazy-hazy days of summer that makes me not want to do anything except go to the beach. 

So now that it is officially fall, it’s time to get back on track before year-end.  

What are your goals from now until the end of the year?

Here are some tips 

1.       Write down all your accomplishments you’ve done throughout the year.

It is easy to write down the things that you haven’t done yet but we all know that list could go on forever and ever. We are not going to beat ourselves up. We have grace on ourselves and if we slip up, it’s OK. We’ll just try not to do that again or do better next time. 

Write it down on paper and hang it somewhere so you can see everything that you accomplished this year, big or small. 

  • Did you get married?
  • Did you have a new baby?
  • Did you get a new job?

Start a new hobby?

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