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How to Start the Money Conversation with Your Teen - With Rachel Murphy

October 31, 2021 Jenn Trinidad Episode 18
Budget Divas
How to Start the Money Conversation with Your Teen - With Rachel Murphy
Show Notes

Ep: #018 When’s the last time you found yourself struggling to teach your teen about the value of money and that it doesn’t grow on trees? 

For some of us, teaching our teens about money can be an awkward conversation. Most of us did not learn about money from our parents and it wasn’t a subject that was taught in school. We kind of winged it as we got older. 

The topic this week on the Budget Divas podcast is how to teach your teen about money with Rachel Murphy. She shares valuable money tips from her new book, I Am Not Your ATM: A Practical Plan For Teaching Your Teen To Manage Money. 

Rachel is the founder of Rachel Murphy Coaching and focuses on helping parents have those important conversations with their teen. 

Rachel shares the importance of changing the narrative from, “I can’t afford it” to “How can I afford it?” and works with parents to teach their teen to make their own money. As parents, it’s natural to want to give good gifts to our children and bless them as God does with us. Having conversations about how to manage money will instill confidence and independence in our children. It will also help them make better financial decisions in their adult life.

To learn more about Rachel Murphy’s book, click the link here:  https://rachelmurphycoaching.com/divas/

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