Budget Divas

Success Story: How Melanie Paid Off Her Debt Two Years Early

February 01, 2022 Episode 21
Budget Divas
Success Story: How Melanie Paid Off Her Debt Two Years Early
Show Notes

Ep: #021 I’m so excited for my guest today, the amazing and beautiful Melanie Yamaguchi. 

Melanie and I met back in 2008 or 2009 when we were both working in HR together for an insurance company and we’ve been friends ever since. Melanie is one of the sweetest and most caring people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. 

When I opened up the BDC -(Budget Divas Community) in April 2021, I was super excited when Melanie said yes and joined in that first month. 

When we first started working together on her budgeting goals, Melanie said she felt “overwhelmed, stressed, and hopeless.” But Melanie took action every single week and paid off her student loan debt in just eight months – 15 months sooner than she anticipated.  

Listen in as Melanie shares her story, the mindset obstacles she overcame during her journey, and the great advice she gives at the end of the show on how you can achieve your goals too. 

If you'd like to join a great group of women who are crushing their financial goals, paying off mounds of debt, and living on a budget that works for them, I'd like to invite you to join the Budget Divas Community. 

Join now: www.budgetdivas.com/join 

For travel tips around the world, visit Melanie's blog:  https://outofstate-outofmind.com/ 

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